Spiritual Gifts Test

Spiritual Gifts Test

Take some time to respond to this Sunday’s sermon about spiritual gifts.
This simple tool will continue your journey of discovering and operating in your spiritual gifts.


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Make Disciples: Resources

Make Disciples: Resources

This past Sunday we reminded ourselves to focus again on the mission we have been given: to make disciples. The best place to start is to walk as a follower of Jesus and then be equipped to help disciple others around us.

This 2 page God’s Plan of Salvation is a helpful tool for you to understand the gospel but also for you to share it more effectively with others. Bookmark this page or print it out to reference it in the future.

God's Plan of Salvation
Good News: Jesus Still Heals

Good News: Jesus Still Heals

This Sunday Pastor Matt will be a sharing a message about healing as part of our current ‘Good News’ sermon series. It is going to be a powerful morning at church you won’t want to miss. In preparation you may want to take advantage of some resources that are available from a sermon preached during the summer of 2016 called ‘What About Healing?’ We hope you are blessed as you hear the sermon or study through Pastor Matt’s sermon notes.

Sermon Audio

Sermon Notes

You Asked For It -Healing