Good News: Jesus Still Heals

Good News: Jesus Still Heals

This Sunday Pastor Matt will be a sharing a message about healing as part of our current ‘Good News’ sermon series. It is going to be a powerful morning at church you won’t want to miss. In preparation you may want to take advantage of some resources that are available from a sermon preached during the summer of 2016 called ‘What About Healing?’ We hope you are blessed as you hear the sermon or study through Pastor Matt’s sermon notes.

Sermon Audio

Sermon Notes

You Asked For It -Healing


Prayer and Fasting Guide

Prayer and Fasting Guide

Prayer is a significant key to a growing relationship with God and to seeing the power of God released in our world. Take time this week to participate with the whole Gateway family in a week of prayer and fasting. This Prayer and Fasting Guide includes ideas and tips about how to participate and daily readings to help us pray in unity. It would be great to see you here at Gateway for one of our special prayer meetings Sunday night at 7pm or Tuesday and Thursday at 12noon and 7pm.


Fall 2017 Prayer and Fasting Guide

Women In Ministry Leadership

To follow up with our sermon ‘All In’ this past Sunday here is a three-part series of teaching videos by Foursquare pastor Jerry Dirmann on the issue of women in ministry. They are lengthy but thorough in their content and challenge. Be encouraged and released to purpose God’s gifting and calling in your life/

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3