Our first day of construction!  We started the day off with a great devotional time by the ocean.  It was a beautiful day, light cloud and then some sun with moderate temperatures.  A good chance for things to dry out after the floods.  The men were quickly tasked with the job of feeding blocks, mortar and cement to the brick layers.  The ladies did a bible teaching for the kids in the morning, and then another in the afternoon.  The village has been very receptive to the new community centre and  participation is good.  Lena did an awesome job of teaching!

The ladies then came back to the construction site a couple of blocks away from the community centre and were very helpful in creating a human chain to pass supplies down the steep little hill to the construction site.  The neighbours picked fruit for the team and gave us bread and candies to keep our energy up.  Many of the local children came out to watch and play with the girls on the team.  After some hard work the team enjoyed a hot shower and dinner at the hotel.  It was early to bed all around as we were exhausted.  Thank God for a great day!