We attempted to get to Loma this morning, but the overnight rain made the dirt road so slippery we couldn’t do it.  Plan B was to go to the pregnancy resource centre and assemble some humanitarian supplies to hand out to some of the local flood victims and also to sort and organize the supplies that we had brought down with us.  In the afternoon we visited a couple of areas seriously damaged by the flooding including the village of Redemption, which mainly consists of Haitian people.  The devastation and the living conditions were overwhelming for us all.  We had the privilege of meeting some of the women and children that are clients at the pregnancy resource centre that live there.  We were able to see first hand how their homes and belongings were affected, and what their specific needs are. The floods came quickly and without warning, so a lot of their personal belongings were lost as well as any furniture they may have had. Since all of the homes we visited had pregnant women or young children the needs are immediate and heart wrenching.  The homes we visited will be provided with some food and personal items from Servants Heart.  We are planning to return tomorrow with some new beds that we will be buying for the families in the greatest need.  We are looking forward to showing Christ’s love in a practical way.