November 22 2016

Praise God! Our team has arrived safe and sound, and we are eager to share God’s love with the amazing people here. 

Our morning started with a walking tour around Sosua, escorted by Servant’s Heart Ministries. We proceeded with an awareness tour in Congrejo, and Sosua Abajo. It was here we met some very special and committed individuals while visiting two schools and a local church. We were also invited into homes that were affected by the heavy rains and flooding. In the afternoon we continued touring, we visited Loma de los Chivos and we were able to see the needs the people around the community. With open hearts and willing hands we walked the roads of Loma and became acquainted with the community. We were warmly welcomed into homes that were built through the Loma Project. During our walk we met the beautiful woman we are building a house for, Narcissa, right in front of her land. She is so thankful to God and so grateful to have us here. We witnessed such strength, courage, and resilience from the men, women, and children of Loma. We have been openly accepted by the community and thanked consistently by everyone we have met. The team took advantage of every opportunity to pray for the people and bless them with a word, a smile, and many hugs. We went to the new community center and witnessed the first English class for young girls in that location. 

We toured the PRC (Pregnancy Resource Center) and heard about the support offered to the women during and after their pregnancies. The director of the center experience the support firsthand when she was pregnant and now she is an advocate for the women that come to her for help. 

Peter and Cliff joined Servant’s Heart Ministries’ employees and held a men’s Bible study, the first Men’s Bible Study in Loma. There were nine men in attendance, and two of them were saved. Peter shared his testimony and Cliff spoke as well. It was well received and the feedback was very positive.

God is so good, and we are eager to share all that He is doing, both with the amazing people here and with us as a team. Please continue to keep us and the people of Sosua in your prayers. There will be more updates, please stay tuned and God Bless.