1st Samuel Study

Welcome to our 11-week study of the Old Testament book 1 Samuel. We’ll dig deeply into God’s Word and learn more about the faithfulness and supremacy of our God.

Everyone is welcome: the only requirement is a desire to learn more about God and His word! Join in this great study by downloading the free workbook and watching the weekly teaching videos with Gwen Murtonen. Videos will be uploaded every Thursday, but you can engage at your own pace and make sure to send in your questions and feed back.

“the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.”
-Daniel 11:32b

Week 1



  • Download the Workbook
  • Read 1 Samuel chapter 1

Week 2


Opposing the Proud, Exalting the Humble 

The book of Samuel opens in a time of chaos and barrenness. A woman named Hannah prays for a son, Eli’s wicked sons scorn the sacrifices of the Lord, Samuel learns to recognize the voice of the Lord, and God remains faithful through it all.