1st Samuel Study

Welcome to our 11-week study of the Old Testament book 1 Samuel. We’ll dig deeply into God’s Word and learn more about the faithfulness and supremacy of our God.

Everyone is welcome: the only requirement is a desire to learn more about God and His word! Join in this great study by downloading the free workbook and watching the weekly teaching videos with Gwen Murtonen. Videos will be uploaded every Thursday, but you can engage at your own pace and make sure to send in your questions and feed back.

“the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.”
-Daniel 11:32b

Week 11



Week 10


David, the Philistines, and the Amalekites
As we reach the end of 1 Samuel, David strengthens himself in the Lord his God. The Lord restores everything that had been lost when Amalekite raiders plundered and burned Ziklag. The book ends in tragedy as Saul and his sons die in battle against the Philistines.

Week 9


David’s Second and Third Flights
When Nabal refuses to help David, Abigail intercedes to avert bloodshed. David spares Saul’s life again, then flees to Philistine territory where he deceives King Achish. On the eve of his death, King Saul hits rock bottom and consults a medium at En Dor. Things may look grim, but God’s sovereign plan will prevail.

Week 8


David’s First Flight 
When it becomes clear that Saul will stop at nothing, David flees into the wilderness. Succumbing to fear, he walks in deception… which results in disaster. But when given an opportunity to kill Saul and seize the throne, David steadfastly refuses to raise his hand against the Lord’s anointed.

Week 7


A New King
Samuel anoints David as the next king of Israel. David is victorious against the giant Goliath, and goes on to marry Saul’s daughter Michal. We watch as King Saul becomes increasingly more hostile and unpredictable: it is clear that the Lord has indeed torn the kingdom from him.

Week 6


Saul’s Downfall

King Saul makes a foolish vow that threatens the life of his son, but the people intercede for Jonathan. When King Saul goes on to disobey specific instructions from God, the Lord rejects him from being king over Israel.


Week 5


Saul’s Victory and Unfaithfulness
Unity begins to develop in the nation of Israel. Saul leads the army in a decisive military victory, but soon shows evidence that he is not a man after God’s own heart. The army is diminished and disarmed before the Philistines, and Saul commits a serious error in judgment.

Week 4


A King Like the Nations
Israel repents, acknowledging their guilt before the Lord, and God subdues their enemies. But soon the people reject the Lord and demand that he give them a king like the nations. Samuel warns the people that a king will take, not give, but he obeys God and anoints Saul as the first king of Israel. 

Week 3


The Philistines and the Ark
The army of Israel carries the Ark of the Covenant into battle, but instead of bringing victory it is captured by the Philistines. God’s supremacy is displayed when the false god Dagon bows before the Ark, the Philistines are tormented with plagues, and the Ark is restored to Israel without human help.

Week 2


Opposing the Proud, Exalting the Humble 

The book of Samuel opens in a time of chaos and barrenness. A woman named Hannah prays for a son, Eli’s wicked sons scorn the sacrifices of the Lord, Samuel learns to recognize the voice of the Lord, and God remains faithful through it all.

Week 1



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