Our discipleship class, called Operation: Solid Lives is back in 2021. This system of discipleship has been developed to give you the tools you need to take your walk with Jesus to a whole new level.  We have seen incredible growth and change in the lives of over 80 graduates from Level 1. Join us Sundays and see what God will do in your life. There is no cost to participate and virtually anyone with a good attitude and a willing heart can graduate.

Level 2 will begin January 17th at 3pm. Your faith will be sparked with teaching on being filled with the Spirit and the covenant God has made with you.

Level 1 will be offered in the New Year too. Are interested in taking this 4 week class that will change your life forever? Express you interest Here

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Pastor Matt’s top 3 reasons you should take OSL:

  1. It’s a Specific Step
    Sometimes we make vague goals to lose weight, grow closer to Jesus or become a better spouse. These goals, though well intentioned, often fail because we don’t match them with specific steps that we can take. Growing closer to Jesus is a great goal but how will you know you have done that? Reading the Bible everyday is a specific goal that will draw you closer to Jesus and it is a key component of OSL. Start 2021 strong by taking steps today to build your walk with Christ.
  2. Build New Habits
    We often hear that it takes 30 days to for a habit. Whether that number is higher or lower is not super important, the key concept is that it takes repetition over a period of time to establish new patterns. OSL is built around a number of key disciplines that we encourage each other in through weekly accountability and encouragement. Through the 4 weeks (6 weeks in Level 2) of the course you set the stage for life transformation by building new life giving habits.
  3. God’s Word Transforms
    What gets me excited about OSL is the way that God works time and time again through His word to bring change and freedom. Each week of the course you will engage in sermons & reading, prayer & journaling that will allow you to hear God and He will be faithful to speak and change you by His word. Are you in need of a fresh start? Do you need freedom? Are you allowing God’s word to do its work in you?

If you are ready to make the decision to be a disciple than sign up right now. There is no cost to participate.

Pastor Matt